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six impossible things before breakfast

20 July

\|/, alex eames, alias, arrested development, bartending, battlestar galactica, bobby goren, bones, brahms, burn notice, cello, dallas cowboys, elvis, farscape, fish mercury levels, frequent flyer miles, fringe, gene the cow, goren smelling my pie, goren's man pain, hiv/aids, house m.d., joey tribbiani's freezer, kai ryssdal's smooth transitions, kazakhstan, kdrama, korean dramas, kpop, law & order: ci, management skills, manhandling goren's manfolio, marketing, national park conservation, ncis, non-corporate locally-owned restaurants, north korean refugees, pam/nice!dwight, puppet regimes, quoting futurama, refugees, sam/jack, second-hand smoke exposure, seeley booth, self-help books, sg-31 ninjas, sitcoms with all-broadway casts, sitcoms-w/all-broadway-casts who occasionally sing, squeeing my head off, stargate sg-1, stop exploding you cowards!, texas rangers, the office uk, the office us, the squee monologues, toaster strudel, united nations, verbalizing my inner squee, vidding, vienna teng, wagnerian wank, wonderfalls, 쿨 (cool)