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Fic challenge! (Or, the Dangers of a Chuck Dixon Rant after A Night Looking for Bonnie Hammer)

aj, I put this challenge up on Helio!

You all are welcome to try your hand it it too...

Challenge description:

Write a story with the following elements:

1. Sam fixes a naquadah reactor.
2. Sam and Daniel get kidnapped by dinosaurs who take them to another planet.
3. Jack hurts his knees looking for them.
4. Sam saves Jack (unfortunately, Daniel gets left with the dinosaurs).
5. Jack retires and gets banged.
6. Thor gets kidnapped by the same dinosaurs, General Hammond makes Jack come out of retirement to rescue him. He succeeds.

Oh, and I took this part out of the Helio submission, but will add it back here:

7. Daniel sets himself on fire. (accidentally, of course).

Oh, yeah, and...

8. No Jonas. Cause Jonas has no place in a fic with dinosaurs.

>ETA: Also know as "The One with mrv3000 Dino!fic with the SG-31 Ninjas"
Tags: dino!fic, sg-1
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