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"You Americans are fighting for the Super Bowl? We are fighting for a Bowl of Soup!"

I keep seeing these "wrong" livejournal "fake cuts" all over the comms on my flist; they look something like this:

Hi Everyone, I made an all-Journey Jack/Thor fanmix LOLOL. Download and songlist at my journal LOLOLOL!

Follow the fake cut LOLOL!!

Or something like that.

Hello! A fake Livejournal cut should look like a fake Livejournal cut. Meaning: OPEN PARENTHESIS + BOLD TEXT + LINK TO YOUR ENTRY + CLOSED PARENTHESES. What you have is a link with bold font. It's not "fake" anything. OKAY? OKAY!

/ inane, pointless complaining.

That being said, I've updated my entry from yesterday about the 600-year old Namdaemun Gate (yes, it was arson). I've posted some historic (historical? whatever, OLD TIMEY) photos for you history buffs, some context, and some feeeeeelings. To see it, follow this *real* fake cut that goes to my last entry: ( you can find it here ).

See? Fake cut! NOT SO HARD. Now that's a fake cut! As fake as an OC boob!
Except that this particular fake cut actually leads to a REAL livejournal cut, which makes it not so much a "fake" cut but a "surrogate" cut... ARGH. My fake cut is having an existential crisis!


That's right. For the FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF... EVER, "Tequila!" has been defeated! Let us know once and for all that:

mrv3000:d >

It was close. Close! But barring the sudden appearance of a Superdelegate (da dada daaaaaah! - that word should always have a fanfare after it's spoken), we're ready to call it. Awesome! Thanks everyone for participating in the poll and for voting your hearts. Together, we did it! Yes we did! Yes we did!

(That somehow doesn't sound as inspiring in the past tense.)

Anyway, *sniff*.
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