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change text=uppercase turns my nose licking into a smiley face

Oh, sorry to those of you I confused with the disappearing. I went ahead and changed my username because it's a good thing to do after you leave a place of work and you used your work computer to check lj (no matter how careful you are to cover your tracks later).

MORE IMPORTANTLY, regarding results of my username change poll, the winner is: "Tequila."

HELLO! PEOPLE! First, I'm sure I've mentioned her before, but I alre= SECOND, there already is a tequila! You people were of no use at all! I'm so glad I never planned to listen to any of you in the first place! /tantrum

Not that I'm surprised, "Tequila!" has always won *every* poll I've ever posted where it was an option. I was talking to vicki595 earlier, and wondering: what did people vote for before I added "tequila" as a default option for my polls? So I went back to the last poll without "tequila," and found that the winner of that poll was: "Michelle licks her nose. :("


Which of course, made me wonder: if these two ever went head-to-head, which one would win? Would people be torn? Would they vote along gender/age/race/fandom lines? Or would they vote their hearts?

I've left this poll public so that you can cheat. That's right! Whip out those sock puppets! And even if you have no clue who mrv3000 is, you should vote because this is the defining issue of our time.

Poll #1136486 The Most Important Poll. Ever.

Pick one:

Michelle licks her nose. :(

And lastly, VOTE YOUR HEARTS, PEOPLE! Vote your hearts!

ETA: :d
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