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Resources, Sources & Credits.

The current picture, of Brahms walking with a hedgehog is a silhouette by Dr. Otto Bohler, which you can read about here.

Quote on Entries page is from "The Frantic Phantom" by Norman Hunter. I have a permanent visa to Incrediblania.

Layout by barubaron; who is gracious enough to let people butcher modify the CSS code.

- Unless specifically stated otherwise, all screencaps are my own.

- Fonts from the usual places, dafont.com, heavenlyfonts.com, www.webpagepublicity.com/free-fonts, fonts for peas, etc.

- Stock images for celebs are also found at the usual places (Getty, Corbis, AP, etc.) unless specifically stated otherwise and random pictures (of fruit, for example) that end up in the icons are usually Google-imaged.

- I mostly use my own crappy textures and not much of brushes, but when I do use someone else's, it'll be credited each time I use it below. Cause they're just that talented:

2008 June 16: [23] CI & Burn Notice Icons
- Numbers 6-8, as well as 13, all use the same texture, one made by elli
- Promo videos from the USA Network website.

2007 Sept 9: [63] CI Icons
- Torn paper brush in No. 35 by icons_with_love
- Cast images from Getty.

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