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There's a fire at Space Camp

I am home. Gonna watch something about Rockets and Men and pendulum penises (DON'T ASK) and will go to bed within 1 hr. I mean it! My brain has been in a fog all day and I feel like I've lost a day when I can't afford to lose one. *panics*

Anyone wanna come with me to Hotlanta this weekend? I wanna go ride a roller coaster. Not one of those sleek steel ones built for speed junkies, but one of those slow, large, clunky wooden ones that rattles and jars and pitches you all over the place and makes you wanna hug centrifugal force for being such an awesome vector. And goes up and up and up reaaaaaaaal sloooooow...

Neeways, my mouse doesn't hate me as much as my keyboard, so icons:


01) 02) 03)

04) 05) 06)

07) 08) 09)

10) 11) 12)

13) 14) 15)

16) 17) 18)

19) 20) 21)

22) 23) 24)

25) 26) 27)
Unlike Goren's gratuitous finger flinging, Eames makes her pointing count. Seriously, BEST. CAP. EVER. We could go on, but the caffeine is wearing low.

28) 29) 30)

Want/take/have/modify. If you want a base, feel free to ask. As always, comments are appreciated!

I miss the ducks. *sigh* On the other hand, the hamster is chewing at his metal cage bars with Papillon-esque diligence. Quite entertaining in its own way.
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