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Icon post > running to the bank before it closes but <> pie

Hey, it's Tuesday! Which means, most of the US-side of the flist will have something to watch (even though everyone stopped watching Gilmore Girls, we seemed to have filled the empty places with...uh other things.)

So. New CI! Which I won't get to watch tonight, cause. Well, that Craigslist person *did* show up, and I sold my teevee. I was hoping for one more day. Oh well, there's always the internets. I love you internets.

And, to cheer myself up, there is that bestest deleted scene of all time, from Shandeh. Ah, Goren, Eames, you should take it on the road. His pants are wet. Her skirt's too short. They're both cranky. It was never going to end well. Comedy gold! Deakins can be road manager and wear his eyepatch...and a lot of leather. Carver can go along and do PR and help Deakins with his depth perception issues, especially when they're hanging lighting:


Red for... Valentine's Day? Lunar New Year?

01) 02) 03)

04) 05) 06)

07) 08) 09)

10) 11) 12)

13) 14) 15)

16) 17) 18)

19) 20) 21)

22) 23) 24)

Want/take/have/modify. Comments are appreciated!

"YOU MOVED THE CUP!" HAHAHA. Oh my. Gold, I tell you.
In other news: *FANGIRLS anxietygirl* That was one damn fine panda you birthed.
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