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Budding Romance

Dear Diary,

I took my George Foreman Grill to Central Park today. It was idyllic. We threw pieces of bread to the ducks and rode on the carousel - or rather I rode on the carousel. I of course, chose the horse with the blue ribbons, like I always do. GFG decided to watch indulgently from the sidelines at my silliness.

It was too warm to go ice-skating on the pond, so we went for a horse-carriage ride instead. That was still nippy, but the driver gave us a heavy blanket to snuggle down under. During the ride, the GFG and I talked openly and honestly about our relationship and I told him how hurt I was this morning when I woke up and found him suspiciously close to the toaster oven. He said that he was just getting to know all the small kitchen appliances better, since he's the new guy after all, and was just being friendly. Later I asked the rice cooker if this was true, and the rice cooker said I had nothing to worry about, so I am relieved.

I know I shouldn't be so jealous, and I should trust my George Foreman Grill, but I can't seem to help myself. New relationships are always so fragile in the beginning, and I don't want to mis-step. Plus, I've never invested this much in a small kitchen appliance before.

We finished off our horse carriage ride at Tavern-on-the-Green where we had the Sunday pre-fixe brunch. It was slightly overpriced, and I knew my GFG could whip up a much tastier meal at home, but we still enjoyed ourselves vastly.
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